or as we will call it, “Jersey Fringe”!

Jersey Fringe will take place in Downtown Hammonton, NJ on August 4, 5, and 6th, 2017

Jersey Fringe is a 3-day event featuring multiple theatrical productions at a variety of venues within walking distance of the central location and ticket hub, The Eagle Theatre. Multiple Producing Organizations will offer eclectic, unique selections for festivalgoers throughout the entire weekend.

Also featured will be a Beer and Wine Garden, Pop-Up Art, Food and Art Vendors, Live Music and More! Jersey Fringe is the ultimate social experience not to be missed!

Two ways to experience Fringe: 

Buy a One-Day or All-Access Pass OR just come to hang out with friends and enjoy the FREE Festival atmosphere including live entertainment, food and art vendors, and a beer a wine garden!

  COST - Saturday Day Pass: $19

Friday Day Pass: $19

Sunday Day Pass: $19


Your Day Pass will allow you into as many productions as you'd like to attend on THAT DAY. If you purchase the $39 all weekend pass, you can attend as many productions as you'd like ALL WEEKEND LONG.

Lining the streets of Hammonton will be artists, food vendors, a beer garden, musicians and more!  All venues will be within walking distance, making Jersey Fringe the first of it’s kind to offer this type of weekend festival! 

Visit the SCHEDULE page to check out all of the stellar acts! Visit the VENUES page for venue locations and addresses.




Eagle Theatre - 208 Vine Street

Eagle Theatre Warehouse Space - Back entrance, through parking lot

Family Success Center - 310 Bellevue Avenue (Performances upstairs and down)

Rocco's Town House* (Lower Level) - 21 North 3rd Street
*not handicap accessible  

M.B. Taylor Masonic Lodge* - 205 Central Avenue
*not handicap accessible

Paul Morris DanceXplosion - 116 Bellevue Avenue

Allies in Caring (Formerly The mART) - 18 Central Avenue 

Hammonton Town Hall (Council Room) - 100 Central Avenue

Annata Wine Bar (Back Room) - 216 Bellevue Avenue






SCHOOL PLAY, presented by The Tribe of Fools, 55 minutes. 

School Play is a hilarious and heartbreaking adventure set in the American educational system featuring an eager student battling his inability to sit still, his need to ask "silly questions" and his love for “non-academic” subjects. Terry Brennan whose "performance can only be described as a bolt of lightning," uses comedy, acrobatics and hand-balancing to tell a silly and heartwarming story of a kid who desperately wants to do well in school despite a barrage of negative reinforcement.

-       Performed at Eagle Theatre - 208 Vine Street.

-       Friday @ 7pm, Saturday @ 2:30pm and 8pm, Sunday @ 12pm


THE BEST OF ME, presented by J. Hernandez and Amanda Schoonover...50 minutes

On September 16, 1996, blood had begun to seep through the ceilings of an apartment complex in Hollywood, FL. Police enter the apartment above to find the body of a man covered in grease paint, along with 18 hours of video footage and a note on the wall reading “The Best of Me.” The videotapes … a series of recordings which capture his views on life, love, art, revenge, obsession, loneliness, and death, were confiscated by the FBI in their investigation when they discovered he put into motion an assassination attempt on the life of pop singer, Bjork, in his wake. Later, these videotapes would be released to journalists through their media center. Within a few years, they were anonymously released on YouTube for the entire world to see, where they remain online to this very day. This is Ricardo's Lopez's story.

-       Performed at Eagle Theatre - 208 Vine Street.

-       Friday @ 9pm, Saturday @ 12:30pm and 6pm, Sunday @ 4pm


THE CONFESSION OF JEFFREY DAHMER, presented by Going Dark Theatre, written by and starring Josh Hitchens. 90 minutes

The Confession of Jeffrey Dahmer is a 90 minute play performed by one actor. It contains no blood or gore, but due to language and subject matter it is not suitable for audience members under the age of 18. Almost all of the text is taken from Dahmer's own words, and nothing in the play is invented or sensationalized. It aims to put the audience into the mind of one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century, a person who seems like he could be any one of us. 

-       Performed at The Eagle Theatre Warehouse (enter through parking lot into back of building), 208 Vine St, Hammonton

-       Friday @ 10:30pm, Saturday @ 4pm and 9:30pm, Sunday @ 2pm  


THE HOURGLASS, an original play written by Amber Kusching, 60 minutes. 

An hourglass is turned over at the beginning of the play, and as the sand falls, the audience becomes encompassed by this play in the round. Six characters—Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, and White— discuss and explore the limitations of time and space through poetic text and movement. The characters individually struggle with trauma, may it be the death of a loved one, the futility of memory, the pain of war and addiction, or facing one's own mortality. Despite their individual experiences, their lives are intertwined, perhaps even more than they are aware, as they leave lasting impressions on each other and on the audience. Time continues to slip away and each falling grain of sand in the hourglass seems to beg the questions, “Have you ever wanted to stop time? And at what cost?”

-       Performed at The Family Success Center - 310 Bellevue Ave (upstairs).
-       Friday @ 8pm and 10pm, Saturday @ 12:30pm, 3:30pm, and 7pm, and Sunday @ 12pm, 3pm.


PLOT TWIST: AN INTERACTIVE THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE, by Aftershock Entertainment (Joshua Kurtz)...45 minutes. 

Plot Twist is a live take on the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books of the past. At the end of each scene, the audience will get to decide what our cast does to advance the plot. Once the whole thing plays out, the cast resets from square one, and the audience gets to pick a different path to follow for the next run through. What will become of our hero? Will you guide him to victory? Or will his defeat be on your hands?

-       Performed at The Family Success Center, 310 Bellevue Ave, Hammonton (DOWNSTAIRS)

-       Friday @ 7:30pm and 9:30pm, Saturday @ 12:30pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm...and Sunday @ 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm.


FAITH IN SHACKLES, by Breaking through the Box Theatre (Justin Giachetti)...85 minutes. 

In a world of religious radicalism and terrorism, a young lawyer, Sofia, is pushed to her limits with her new case: defend nine historical women who have each had a special relationship with God. Through discovering the truth of these women’s stories, Sofia combats her own biases and fears against religion and learns the true meaning of having faith. 

-       Performed at M.B. Taylor Lodge* - 205 Central Avenue.
*not handicap accessible

-       Friday @ 7:30pm, Saturday @ 1:30pm and 6:30pm, and Sunday @ 1pm and 4pm.


FLASH, FLOAT, Emily Conklin...50 minutes.

Two hopeful individuals have their lives changed forever in a single flash. Following their traumatic experiences, both are sent spiraling on a search for clarity and solutions.  But what are the consequences if there is no solution? Flash, Float, Fall combines traditional theatrical storytelling with spoken word poetry and dance to challenge the audience to question how we as individuals and as a community can spark discussion and change.  Post show discussion will follow. For ages 14 and over.

-       Performed at Paul Morris Dancexplosion - 116 Bellevue Avenue.

-       Friday @ 7pm and 9:30pm, Saturday @ 2pm and 5pm and 8:30pm, and Sunday @ 12pm and 3:30pm. 


ABANDONED BY CHOICE: A CABARET ABOUT LOVE, performed by Tiny Rocks Productions...60 minutes. 

Abandoned By Choice is an intimate cabaret that explores the meaning of love by finding the beauty in failed relationships. The show features original music performed live, a little dancing and shoe burlesque, video backgrounds, and interactive audience participation with props and games.

-       Performed at Allies in Caring (Formerly The mART) - 18 Central Avenue

-       Friday @ 8:30pm, Saturday @ 2:30pm and 7:30pm, and Sunday @ 1pm and 5pm.


SOCIAL THERAPY, by Aftershock Entertainment (Kelsey Brown)...60 minutes. 

A satirical, comedic look on the social media phenomenon that has taken over our modern society. Not only is it a witty one-act that features references to pop culture, humorous physical actions, and personified social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram participating in a group therapy session, but it also raises a deeper, philosophical question: How do we connect with others in this new digital age? 

-       Performed at Allies in Caring (Formerly The mART) - 18 Central Avenue

-       Friday @ 7pm and 10:30pm, Saturday @ 12:30pm and 4:30pm, and 9:30pm, and Sunday @ 3pm.


HEART/LUNG, By AJ Dwayne...60 minutes.

Follow the life of a career-driven woman in a male dominated profession through the 80's, 90's and today. Patricia D Smith travels through in an abstract narrative, jumping back and forth in time, highlighting the most important moments in her life. She's met with a decision to either pursue the love of her life at a time where same-sex relations were frowned upon, or pursue her career while walking away from the love of her life. And as Patricia's life goes on, she questions whether or not she made the best decision for herself.

-       Performed at Rocco's Town House* (lower level) - 21 North 3rd Street.
*not handicap accessible

-       Friday @ 7:30pm and 10pm, Saturday @ 4:30pm and 7pm and 10pm, and Sunday @ 4pm. 


FIND ME (OR AN EXPLORATION OF THE CONTEXT OF CRAIGSLIST ADS), by Christina Higgins, Approximately 50 minutes

Find Me is a devised collection of scenes based on real-life Craigslist ads. Using everything from music to puppets to kazoos, we search for the answer to the age-old question: Why did someone post THAT?

-       Performed at Hammonton Town Hall (Council Room) - 100 Central Avenue.

-       Friday @ 9:30pm, Saturday @ 8pm, and 10pm


COMEDIAN ELECTED TO TOWN COUNCIL IN NEW JERSEY, by Joseph Novick, Approximately 50 minutes.

Comedian Elected to Town Council in New Jersey is the story of a man who gets elected to borough council in Flemington New Jersey. Watch comedian Joey Novick perform his one man show as he hilariously navigates through New Jersey politics. 

- Performed at Hammonton Town Hall (Council Room) - 100 Central Avenue.

- Friday @ 7pm, Saturday @ 5pm.


A WEEKEND OF CABARETS, by Eagle Theatre (featuring Jason Neri)...each cabaret is no longer than 45 minutes.    

-       Performed inside Annata Wine Bar (Back Room) - 216 Bellevue Avenue.

- FRIDAY: 7pm: Justina Ercole, 9pm: Darby Pumphrey, 10:30pm: Sarah Gafgen and Carl Smith.

SATURDAY: 3pm: Justina Ercole, 5pm: Kimberly Suskind and Cindy Chait, 7pm: Maria Panvini, 9pm: Darby Pumphrey

SUNDAY: 12pm: Justina Ercole, 1:30pm: Maria Panvini, 3pm: Darby Pumphrey, 5pm: Sarah Gafgen and Carl Smith

Full, entertaining Cabarets presented by a solo or duo performer (and featuring Eagle Theatre Resident Music Director Jason Neri). Each Cabaret will run approximately 45 minutes.